The Mentulls [GB] abgesagt!

verlegt auf Okt. 2021

Do., 12.11.20 | 20.30h |
Happy Billard*Kurt-A.-Körber-Chaussee 73 * 21033 HH-Bergedorf
The Mentulls [GB] abgesagt!

Auf Grund der andauernden und wieder schwierigeren Reisebeschränkungen ,hat die Band entschieden ihre kleine Tour abzusagen. Schade aber verständlich.

The Mentulls

Fresh from a year of packed and sold out shows, brothers Andrew & Jamie Pipe and David Neil Crabtree, better known as The Mentulls, are hitting their stride.

Winning over audiences with their own brand of progressive, bluesy pop/rock, The Mentulls music transcends genres, sounding new and fresh yet timeless and classic all at the same time. Add in Andrew- s searing, soaring guitar work, Jamies - prog star-  style Hammond, synthesiser and piano work plus the soulful vocals and multi instrumental prowess of David Neil Crabtree, and you have something truly unique and special.

Being genre defying and original has been the band s objective since it was formed by Andrew & Jamie back in 2008. In the years following the formation of the band, they have carved themselves a niche on the international rock scene, impressing a growing fan base and critics alike.

In the words of one well respected journalist, “these are genuine rock stars with the chops to make it happen live as well as on album”, which perfectly sums up the band- s ability to bring the goods in the recording studio as well as creating an impressive show on stage. Currently filling the drum stool at live shows is sterling drummer Steve Gibson (Van Morrison, Chris Farlowe, Jack Bruce, Buzzcocks).

As well as touring internationally in their own right, the band have earned their stripes opening for and touring with legendary acts like Wishbone Ash, Focus & Walter Trout. They are also equally at home on major festival stages sharing the bill with the likes of The Stranglers, Feeder, FM and Cats In Space.

Their last album, the critically acclaimed  Reflections , which included a two part opus as the title track, brought the bands progressive side to the fore. The album which was deemed "Adventurous" by Classic Rock Magazine, was produced & recorded by esteemed producer/engineer Wayne Proctor on the edge of Sherwood Forest at Superfly Studios and mastered by legendary engineer Ray Staff at George Martin- s AIR Studios, whose other work includes; Bowie s -Ziggy Stardust-, Led Zeppelin s -Physical Graffiti-, Elton Johns -Madman Across The Water- and Genesis -Duke-.
Away from the band, each of its members are respected in their own right, having worked with everyone from Grammy award winners to rock legends. Andrew is British Blues Award nominated, one of the youngest to be nominated for the award, two years running. David- s own work as a singer/songwriter is highly acclaimed and Jamie works with a multitude of top artists outside of the band.

As the band enters a new era, currently working on new material, one thing is certain, The Mentulls want to keep moving forward, becoming the best version of themselves they can possibly be.

When summing up the band, one reviewer proclaimed, “It s hard to stand out, unless you are as superb as The Mentulls that is”



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